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Gift Planning
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Legacy Club

Who are we?

The Legacy Club honors individuals who have chosen to make a deferred or planned gift to the Missouri Southern Foundation.

The Missouri Southern Foundation has instituted the Legacy Club to recognize those donors who choose to inform us of their decision to make a deferred gift to the Foundation. Too often, we are notified of gifts at passing of a friend of the University, without having had an opportunity to express our gratitude and properly recognizing that donor while they were still alive. This club is designed to prevent those bittersweet moments.

The types of deferred gifts which qualify a donor for membership in the club are numerous. Deferred Gifts are made through means including, but not limited to:

Legacy Club contributors

Brian Babbitt
Elizabeth Betebenner
Richard and Christine Beydler
Ken and Beverly Block
Dennis and Sue Boehne
Deborah Brown
Judith Brown
Lois Buzzard
Robert Cable
Don and Bonnie Cox
Joy Cragin
John Ditto
Bonnie Douglas
Gayle and Patricia Edmondson
Gary and Jessie Gartner
Stephen Goebel
John and Nancy Good
David Hokanson
Jim and Delores Honey
Jim and Brenda Jackson
Bob and Candy Kelly
Don and Gloria LaFerla
Barry Langford
Julio and Vivian León
Steve Mackie
Henry and Sandra Morgan
Pedro Pantoja
Pat and Carolyn Phelps
Bill and Cindy Putnam
Deborah Putnam
John and Cathy Rhodes
Cynthia Schwab
Brent and Shari Smith
Russell and Gail Smith
Clark and Sandra Swanson
John and Harleen Tiede
Stephen and Dana Walstad
Lenora Wiley
Randall and Michelle Wood